I have to share this hilarious story with all of you!  I was booked to be an extra in a television show on the Investigation Discovery Channel.  My official role title was "female prostitute".  Yeah.  Anyway, lol.  So, I go into wardrobe, get dressed, have my make-up done and they gave me a robe to wear while I walked around the set.  The wardrobe lady, Debbie, asked to see the outfit to see if everything looked ok so we went into another room that they had finished filming in and closed the door.  In the room was a table, chairs, some shelves hanging on the wall and a crucifix.  Well, I opened up the robe to show Debbie the outfit and as soon as I did, the crucifix fell off the wall.  We both were hysterical!!!  Within a few minutes most of the production crew had heard the story and kept making comments to me about how I knocked Jesus off the wall.  Oh my....I am still laughing about that.